Free People Love Shop

The Love Shop starts fresh every year at Free People.
While leading two other designers, we created original artwork,
logo suites, e-cards, landing pages and social assets.

Catbird Photo Editing

The Catbird brand is found in the specific details, lighting
and style of the photography.  I worked alongside the
photographer to set up the product shots, environmental shots and
styling models to show the jewelry in various environments.

Creative Direction: Leigh Plessner
Art Direction: Alice Chaosurawong

Photography: Teddy Telles
Editing & Set: Addison Rosenquist

Catbird Winter Market

In the fall of 2019, Catbird opened a third storefront in lower Manhattan.  The identity was created to fit
within the existing Catbird brand, but was paired with light hearted illustrations of ring boxes, bows
and snow flakes. These illustrations could be easily swapped out depending on the time of year,
making it a versatile brand mark.

Creative Direction: Leigh Plessner
Art Direction: Alice Chaosurawong

Free People Travel Shop

For the 2022 Travel Shop Update I was able to lead
2 junior designers through the mood process,
general art and type curation all the way through to
final execution on landing page, social media and emails.

Wedding Suites

An array of wedding suites and print materials created for
family & friends for their special day.
Interested in a suite of your own? Email me!

Printed by Public Print Co.